lacuna | \ lə-ˈkü-nə
A lacuna is an unfilled space.

Based in Singapore, Design By Lacuna aspires to cultivate healthy head-spaces through hopeful and honest writing. 

Growing up, I witnessed how words could build or break an individual in the lives of those around me. These moments nurtured within me a deep belief in the potency and power of words. It stirred up a desire to encourage others in the way I knew best - To write beautifully.


IMG_3384 2.png

My pieces are made for women of all backgrounds. I do not shrink away from the difficult emotions and tensions that often characterise our humanity. At the same time, courage and dignity are simultaneously woven into each piece.


Each worded tapestry serves to adorn the spaces we spend most of our time in. They are everyday reminders for modern woman: To affirm her worth, encourage her and believe in what she could be.